Update Log. Wowie!!

6.29.2022: Added and edited a LOT of Links.

6.25.2022: Tweaks, Tweaks, and Tweaks galore! Added the option to upload images in BBS.

6.3.2022: The site will now remember what theme you last picked and changes to that theme! There is now no more HTML extension in Home and Logs.

6.2.2022: Added a fake Japanese Ad to the side bar, just for fun! Made layout changes. Fixed the Halloween theme.

5.26.2022: Added a "Summer" theme to the site! Fixed and made changes to Layout.

5.22.2022: Made an actual 404 Not Found page! And not some inside joke.

5.21.2022: Added a user submitted question to the BBS. Fixed a bug where the classic header images wouldn't load. That was weird...

5.18.2022: Added a "Mood Indicator!" The background also has a scroll animation too!

5.16.2022: Redesigned the Update Log! Removed the button from Navigation. Added a link.

5.15.2022: Added more splash text. Made tweaks to the site.

5.13.2022: Made tweaks to the landing page.

5.8.2022: Redesigned my About page! Finally linked my shop. Added "Spam" to the BBS.

5.5.2022: Added a new devlog page. Added two illustrations!

5.3.2022: Added the "Halloween" theme! Moved the Themes button to the navigation. Added a loading screen.

5.2.2022: Added Themes!

5.1.2022: Added a link in Links. Added splash text as the footer! Added a toggle for when you enter the site on a mobile device.

4.29.2022: Fixed a link in Diary, so that it would open a new tab. Updated a link in Links.

4.25.2022: Made a new blog post about my sticker shop!

4.15.2022: Added three illustrations in the Gallery!

4.14.2022: Update Log added! Any previous updates are not archived.