Non-Binary | 17 | Artist/Programmer

■ Hi! I'm Zacc-Online! But you can call me Zacc, it would be better if you call me Zacc instead actually... and this is my world! I'm a COOL Blue person who likes to draw lots of things from characters, indie games and etc! I like to play and make games, currently my favorite games are Cave Story, Kero Blaster, OneShot, Celeste, and many others! I'm also PRETTY ffunny.... I also really love rice, cats, and japanese culture too!

■ My birthday is on November 27! Soopa cool and awesome!

■ I made this site as I have ditched most of my social medias, but I still wanted a place to showcase my stuff from art to games to maybe music. Stick around if you like that kinda stuff! That's about it, please enjoy your stay. Comment in the BBS if you want to, always like to have a chat!

■ Some of my favorite games are Cave Story, OneShot, Pikuniku, and Celeste! Notice how all of them are indie games?

■ My favorite characters are Quote from Cave Story, Madeline from Celeste, Lucy from Crash Zoom and MY characters >:)

■ Some of my inspirations are Studio Pixel, inabakumori, Studio Ghibli and some of my friends!

■ My favorite colors are blue and white! (no shit)

■ I love watching stupid movies. Hackers (1995) is a good watch with friends. It's stupid, it's cheesy, I love it.