Sticker Shop Open!

Posted: 4.25.2022

■ Hiya!

■ I have recently opened a Sticker Shop! I've wanted to open one for a good while now, why I chose stickers is because I really like stickers. If there was merch I would purchase, it would be stickers! The stickers are mostly pixel art sprites of Indie Games, this ranges from Fez, Cave Story, Hollow Knight, OneShot, etc. There are also stickers of things from my other works, or just simple creatures! If you like my work and want to support me, the best way is too purchase a sticker. Only purchase if you do so wish! Thank you to those that have already purchased a sticker.

■ On other news, I have been thinking about expanding on the BOARDS (Formerly known as the "Feed") section of the site. I'm thinking of adding different catagories to it rather than sticking to just overall. I'm thinking the catagories could range from general discussion, game development, or any other kind of discussion. Kinda like a bullitin-board system! I'll think about it tho. That's about it, have a good Monday!

-Zacc =D

Some site updates + New Domain!

Posted: 2.16.2022

■ Hello!

■ I have some good things to share. I just purchased a domain for this very site! Now visiting this site is more easier, you can still visit the site through "" in case of some inconvience. So that's fun! I also got a brand-new stylish splash screen when you enter the site, I think it looks cool. I may update it soon to include some disclaimers and information before entering. Also "" was taken unfortuntely, and it seems to direct to a malicious site in my end, yikes. But until it either gets expired or available, we're sticking with an extra "s". Hopefully that's not a huge deal... >> Other than that, that's really all I have to say. Thank you to those that have some nice things in the feed! Thank you!

-Zacc =D

Chew Thou-sand and Twenty-Too

Posted: 1.1.2022 | Edited: 4.9.22

■ Happy New Year! Is 2022!!

■ That's right! We all survived another year and here we are in 2022! I'm gonna be honest I happened to be sick yesterday, wasn't fun u_u. As of now I am feeling much better and ready to start working (like the workaholic I am.) Today I plan to work on Dialogue, Inventory, Shops, Items for the Inventory and maybe Fast Travel! They should all be Documented in DEVLOG very soon!

■ One last thing! As I was dying in bed I thought of a concept for a game, a game about dreams! So far I have a rough idea of the story and a couple dreams you can find yourself in. They will all be documented in a Devlog page very soon... It will be a short project so if all goes according to plan, it should be released sometime early 2022! It's not gonna be a long game. I'm aimming for 20 minutes of content at least. It will also be a top-down RPG as well. Any dream suggestions would be greatly appreciated too! I'd also like to thank the few people that have visited my site, thank you! Hope you all had a nice new years!

-Zacc =D

Merry Christmas from Blue Gremlin

Posted: 12.25.2021

■ It's Christmas!

■ Da season of joy. How was your Christmas? Mine was good! I got a lot of Switch games and Pajama Pants. It's all you need to get through the Holidays. I gave some of my pals some gifts as well, some got plushies, some got books, some also got some games too, I think I did pretty well for my first year of gifting... What did you guys get? I'd like to hear! - That's really all I have to say, hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See y'all in twenty-twenty two

-Zacc =D

New Website!!

Posted: 11.13.2021 | Edited: 11.22.2021

■ Hi!

■ Welcome to my New Website! I wanted to have a place to showcase my stuff, as I've cut ties with most of my socials. So why not make my own site?

■ So here we are!! Take a look around? We've got pages to navigate! Anyways, hope you enjoy the site and will take a look around! Maybe even post a comment at FEED!

-Zacc =D

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